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Marion the Magnet

"I loved the book (Marion the Magnet) and the 'growth mindset' it supported!  We have done a lot at school the past 2 years with growth mindset!"   Jesse H., School Principal

"You have a very important concept here, Sharon, not only for children, but for adults as well."  Sara, The E-Book Directory

I have just read #1 - Marion the Magnet's First Mission. Outstanding!"  Joan Bramsch, Empowered Parent

"An excellent book to teach children "positive thinking." Reinforced by many brightly colored illustrations, the story of "Marion the Magnet's First Mission" by Sharon Hackleman stirs up young readers' curiosity and imagination as well."   Maui Bill

"Woven into the highly imaginative and dramatic, interest grabbing story line, the "easy as 1-2-3 think it to be!" philosophy helps children of all ages spark their imagination while providing a gateway to creative visualization."     Light Word Review

Mind Time Cards

“They are enchanting! My clients love them. I have been letting girls choose to keep whichever card speaks the loudest to them. The pictures are accessible and whimsical, the messages powerful and hit the spot! I have been doing this work for over 21 years and am always on the lookout for fresh and innovative ways to reach my clients.” - Annette Rasmussen, Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist

"As an educator of over 25 years and a parent for 12, I know it's the little things consistently done over time that make the biggest impact and affect positive change. I really appreciate the "simple" brilliance of these cards and how easy it is for anyone who lives or works with Tweens and teens to incorporate into their daily ritual. Thank you Sharon."    – D. Burdick

“Thanks so much - these will be perfect for our teen trauma recovery group!”Pamela Albers, LCSW, CATSM - Program Director of Community Outreach Services - Crescent House Healing Center

"These cards are beautifully illustrated and contain pertinent, self-esteem boosting affirmations for teens. These mantras and values are critical, in my opinion, to having a balanced, healthy, and fulfilled life. In fact, I wouldn't limit the use to teenager; many adults could probably benefit from these cards suggestions. Every teacher, educator, school counselor, therapist... Should have a deck handy, absolutely."  Much love and aloha, Jessica - Reculture San Diego